DDR for iPhone


     Many of us have experienced the glory of dancing to Speed Over Beethoven or any other DancDanceRevolution song of awesomeness. The best method to get the full experience is playing the ginormously bulky arcade version. I have even considered saving up some of my precious greenbacks for one of those, but due to the price tag of around $15,000, I discarded the idea.

     If you add an iPhone into the equation of life, a whole world of unfathomable opportunity opens up. With its revolutionary user interface and its massive App Store, your shiny iPhone has just solved your DDR-addiction problem. Konami has finally released DanceDanceRevolution S Lite in the App Store! As the “lite” in the title implies, this game will charge your account a total of exactly $0.00. You better be careful with this game; if you are a DanceDanceRevolution addict, this will most definitely increase the frequency and magnitude of your procrastination.

     The controls on this game obviously don’t accurately emulate the arcade version, because Konami probably figured the iPhone can only take so many stomps before it’s useless. Instead of the classic style of gameplay, to hit the top arrows on the beat just tap the arrow control pad on the bottom half of the screen. Substitute your fingers for your feet and your iPhone will be fine.

     There isn’t a full version of this game yet, but Konami claims that when it’s completed and released it’ll be “packed with new songs and unique characters.” Go ahead and download the lite version and “dance” to that for now, and don’t worry; not too many people will be mad at you for procrastinating a little more than you already are.