With the rumors about the iPhone Nano dying down (and Apple possibly suing the company that started them) they now have begun about the next generation iPhone which ‘we’ have nicknamed the iPhone 4g. It may not come out until 2012-2015 due to the next generation of cellular network technology being released at this time. The new iPhone will most likely include most of the wanted hardware features such as a memory bump (maybe 64GB), better processors, an improved camera (5mp or higher would be nice), a second camera for video , full bluetooth, FM tuner and better RAM. Software improvements should be basic that Apple should have included from day one like MMS support, copy and paste, ability to sync over WI-FI (the Zune can do it), iChat, use of landscape keyboard in mail, being able to view flash content in Safari and video recording.  We would also all love to get live TV, since most smart phones already have it. They will most likely create something completely unheard of, something that will change the way we look at mobile phones forever.


Above is iPhone pro by Gizmodo.