Par 3 Golf II

     Chillingo Ltd, publishers of the famous Bike or Die 2 – Physics Bike Stimulator, has done it again with another great gaming application called Par 3 Golf II. Developed by RESETGame, it is perfect for golf lovers and/or anybody who has some spare time on their hands. It was released last Saturday (January 10, 2009) on the App Store for the bargain purchase price of $4.99. The game has 4 different and unique 9-hole courses: Tropic Greens, Royal Dunes, Shining Pines, and Desert Fronds. The courses include three dimensional hills, water, fairways, sand traps, and tiered greens. As well as an option to randomly play one of the 36 holes. Every hole you play, the flag moves to one of three different flag positions.

    The game allows for player character gender choice, so you can play as male or female, while playing either solo or against a computer opponent. Your opponent’s character can also be switched: Chip (male)/Liz (female). Par 3 Golf II is a very challenging game because the computer opponent usually sinks the ball in 2-4 strokes. Realistic wind, aerodynamics, friction and gravity are different factors that affect your gameplay making the game extremely “life-like”. The wind speed and direction, the hole number, club selected, distance from hole, score, and the stroke are listed in a semi-transparent box in the upper left hand corner.

Par 3 Golf II (Landscape)

     You can play either landscape or portrait mode, which will automatically adjust using the accelerometer. You can switch between 11 different clubs. A club is automatically selected based on the distance to the hole. You can manually change it by tapping the golf club icon near the bottom right area, and the number next to the club name being the distance it could possibly hit the ball.

     The objective of the game is obvious, get the golf ball into the hole with the golf clubs. To aim, press the left and right arrows. To swing, press the swing button. A force meter will show up and when you think there’s enough, tap anywhere on the screen and the ball will sail toward the hole. You have two different viewing perspectives: golfer view and overhead view. Golfer view is positioned so that the player is right in front of the screen. Overhead view is a bird’s eye view of the entire 9 hole course. You can zoom in or out to determine tough angles or swings.

Par 3 Golf II 2.0 (Resume)

     If you return to the home screen or receive and pick up a call, the game will be automatically saved so you can resume the game from your previous position. You can turn sound effects on or off and the game does not interfere with music being played on the iPod. Unfortunately like most other apps, this game does NOT have a “lite” version so make sure you really want to buy the product before purchasing. Have fun!