Business people are in for one great and useful app called Hoovers, which has recently been made available on the App Store.  They say knowledge is power, and with that being said, the fact that Hoovers is now available on the go is nothing short than amazing.  Sales people are able to call up all the information needed about particular firms and companies, their executive contacts, employee numbers, the works.

     Hoovers is owned by Dun & Bradstreet  (D&B) which is the most well known and used information service throughout the US for business information and particulars.  Have you ever been solicited over the phone by some young Stock-Jockey?  Well you can bet that your information was supplied to the broker by D&B.  What makes Hoovers so useful is that information about contacts and individuals to call along with the companies business history is all at your fingertips.  For only $20 per month for Hoovers MobileSP, you get is an interactive GPS which is capable of building lists of prospects based on filters you create which will include business size, financial history, and radial distance to your position and/or territory.

     When starting my Company, I used Hoovers religiously to locate the names and numbers of the appropriate people I needed to speak to at various Venture Capital Firms.  Not only that but I was able to weed through the various firms by being able to look at their core competency in order to see what type of investments they made and into what industries as well as what their investment brackets were, whether they was seed or second round investors, etc….

     The free Hoover’s Mobile for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones looks up company information, phone numbers, building address, executive organization, competitors, and financial overview for any company you enter–like the one whose doors you’re about to waltz through.  For Sales people the value of such an app is obvious and needs no further explanation.  It is a great time saver as well as professional benchmark for any B2B venture.