The iPhone accessory designer Mophie has an extended battery case that they released a little while back that promises to extend your battery’s life by up to an additional 12 hrs of talk time.  Based on several variables results can vary, namely what network you are on and what all you are doing at the time, but nevertheless it will increase your battery life by almost double what you already have.

     The Mophie Juice Pack is what they are calling it, and it definitely lives up to its promise.  This is the first Mophie branded product I have ever owned and it definitely has put a smile on my face and made me consider getting a case or two from them as well.  The Juice Pack is fairly slender for an extended battery case and very appealing to the eye, with its black rubberized feel on the outside and a green slick shell on the inside.  The 4 blue LEDs on the back of the pack show how much battery is left when you click a small button next to them.  This provides you with a good idea of how much longer you have before it runs out, unlike some other packs that have no “battery meter” at all.

     All the nice little features and sleekness aside there are two important questions that need to be answered…

  • Is the bulk manageable?
  • Does it really keep your iPhone charged well?

     Well after the past week or two of using the device I have found that the answer to both of those questions is an astounding YES!  Back when I originally got my iPhone 2G I found that I wanted to use an Invisishield because I wanted to be able to see the technological beauty that is the iPhone.  Now I am past that phase and I am looking for something more practical and suitable for human interaction.  When using the Juice Pack for the first time I have to admit it was a little awkward.  It was bulky but really had a nice grip, then after the first day it began to grow on me.  As I played games or used Beejive on the phone it was made insanely easier due to the added bulk and grip of the device.  I no longer felt as if it would slip out of my hand at any moment.  More so I felt comfortable knowing that in the event that my iPhone one day does slip out of my grasp it will be somewhat protected by the case.

     Onto the final question of the most vital importance, does it work?  Absolutely!  It works better than I could have hoped.  I hesitate to use my iPhone while I am away and know that I won’t be home for 10-12 hrs because once I get on Beejive or start playing games the battery life dwindles away.  But with the Mophie Juice Pack I didn’t have to worry about that at all!  I take my iPhone to work everyday and charge it when I go to bed.  I wake up around 11am and go to bed around 1am the next morning.  My device is usually tied up with Beejive all day while I am at work for approximately 9 hrs and the occasional game and some Safari browsing when I am bored.  Normally by the time I leave work around 11pm that night my battery would be at 15-20% which meant I had to charge it on my way home.  But when utilizing the Juice Pack it lasted from the time I woke up at 11am until about 9pm that night before the iPhone ran on its own battery again.  The first day I had purposely been using it quite a bit to test its endurance as well.  So with fairly constant internet usage and app drain it lasted about 10hrs which is amazing by my standards!  Some might want something to last longer but I really couldn’t see a reason for something any bigger than that.

     Some excellent grip, amazing battery life, minor protection for the iPhone, and not to mention it is the first Apple certified “Works With iPhone 3G” attached battery in the world!.  Is it worth the $99.95 Mophie wants for the Juice Pack?  I would say definitely.  There are some other battery packs out there that cost less and might have a flashlight or something built in but none of them look as sleek, and professional as the Mophie Juice Pack.  I urge anyone out there who travels or is away from home frequently to look into getting one of these amazing accessories for your iPhone 3G.