Escape for iPhone


     Escape, and Escape Lite,  are recent releases on the iTunes App Store of an old game that can go by many names. It has been known to be called Chip’s Challenge, Adventures of Lolo, and several others. The original game titled “Escape” as well, has been in the works for multiple systems since 2004. But this version by Nuclear Nova Shareware, came outta nowhere and onto the iPhone.  The special introductory price is only $2.99, a 40% release discount. You should get it quick before the price bumps back up to $4.99. Escape is a challenging and strategic NES-style game, that varies by who and when it is made but the basics are always the same, help your avatar get to the end of the maze.

     It has very addicting gameplay and will keep you occupied for countless hours. The sounds and music that accompany the game guarantee excitement with every passing level. Use bombs, teleporting pads, push blocks, dodge shooters and guards, and much more to solve each puzzle. The standard version comes with 60 levels but there is a free “Lite” version with 12 levels also available on the App Store. The Lite version is ad supported and you should try it out before buying the full product. I personally enjoyed playing the game and recommend it to others. The original version by Nuclear Nova Software was shareware for the Mac and created by Jake Leveto. In a short amount of time, he finished porting the game for the iPhone using OpenGL and Apple’s Cocoa. Other shareware games made by Nuclear Nova Software include GL Golf (which won the Editors Choice Award), Hydothermal, and Liquid Defense. GL Golf was also ported for the iPhone and available on the App Store with 3 versions (Lite, Full, and Deluxe coming soon…).


Escape Instructions