Unfortunately, Apple’s most recent MacWorld Keynote had no big surprises for iPhone users but to compensate, they got a nice little gift! It’s a new app named Keynote Remote and is for Keynote ’09 version in iWork ’09 announced at the Keynote delivered by Schiller.

     Basically, as clear from the name, this app works as a remote and helps you shift slides inside your Keynote presentation direct from your iPhone without touching the mac. To use it, you must first connect the iPhone and Keynote using Wi-Fi to use the app. It has two modes, a portrait mode in which you can view a single slide and its notes, and a landscape mode which displays the current and next slide. As for control, you can easily switch slides by the swipe of a finger!

    This app is very simple and easy to use, and doesn’t have all the flashy stuff that can bog other similar apps down. You can get this 5 star app off the AppStore now for $.99.