DRM free

     iTunes is a wonderful tool to suit your musical needs. With millions of songs and videos, and the new Genius feature, it becomes easier to download anything your heart, and ears, desire. If an awesome song is released, you have the option to purchase only that song instead of its entire album (as opposed to CD’s). Most aspects of iTunes have been convenient and enjoyable, but there are exceptions. Apple had armed their iTunes content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) in order to protect music from illegal mass-distribution. That sounds reasonable, but there’s a huge problem with it. If you ever transfer your music to a non-Apple phone, DRM will not let you play the music on that phone, which can be quite a sticky situation. DRM prevents certain activity such as adding music to an iTunes that’s not authorized under your account, using music on non-Apple devices, and making the transfer of files from one computer to another very complicated.

    Apple has decided to let up on this security measure, and now has DRM-free “iTunes Plus” music! However, the songs that you’ve already downloaded will remain under DRM unless you pay the 30¢ per song upgrade price. The cost to remove the DRM from a music video is 60¢. To remove the DRM from your iTunes Plus eligible music follow this link.

    The iTunes Plus upgrade charge is only for songs you’ve already bought, and iTunes Plus songs that you haven’t purchased yet are the same price as DRM-protected ones. Remember to look for the little “+” next to the price of a song on iTunes to see if it’s an iTunes Plus (no DRM) song!