The first generation iPhone sold out very quickly and broke all sales projections, therefore resulting in huge shortages. But now it seems that its users are being forced to abandon their device in hopes of getting a stronger signal on a 3G model!

     BGR reports that AT&T is trying to speed up the development of it’s 3G network and to do it, it’s killing the 2G network day by day. As reported, the company previously relied on the readily available 850 MHz band offering better signal and reception, but now it has seems that they are downgrading to the worse 1900 MHz Band! This is certainly bad news for those millions of users who are still using their old 2G iPhone contracts on AT&T.

     AT&T’s service was bad before but they are still shifting to a less reliable band for everyone who is running on 2G! This news has been confirmed by OFB (Open For Business) who tested the signal with transmitters on multiple devices. The worst part of the whole scenario is that on contacting AT&T, the guys at OFB got a creepy answer forcing them to upgrade to a 3G device. This is disgusting for the original iPhone users who spent the huge amount of $$$ on the device, just to be forced to upgrade later!

     What’s more amusing is that one of the AT&T customer service representatives even recommended them to terminate the contract and Unlock the iPhone with instructions on internet. Now, this is quite shameful that they are not even trying to help the users and instead asking them to go away.

     Mark Siegel, AT&T Executive Director of Analyst Relations, denied the fact that AT&T representatives are advising customers to upgrade but still the fact remains the same. People in the affected areas will have to upgrade to an expensive 3G model, which won’t come in handy very much as AT&T’s 3G Coverage is still not very broad and the current areas under coverage usually experience poor signal.