The versatility of the iPhone always makes me awestruck.  Truly, the device is tantamount to having a mini computer in my pocket.  Before the iPhone, unless I was riding my motorcycle, or was expecting an important business/personal call, I never had my cell phone with me.  I would laugh and brag to people how “I was not tied to my cell phone” and “How pathetic people were in their dependency on it”.

     Well no more.  I have joined the crowd.  All due to the versatility and convenience of this little device produced by a company named after a fruit no less.  Now a new app comes our way, Craigsphone by CraigslistBy God if it is not tailor made for the iPhone.  The video below demonstrates its functionality brilliantly.  Many apps out there utilize Craigslist already, but Craigsphone, made by Next Mobile Web (Who developed the Dial Zero App), is an eye catcher and is free.  Craigsphone has all the hallmarks of Craigslist along with being able to see your history, post/call directly through the iPhone and locate nearby entries by use of the iPhone GPS function (only in Manhattan and San Francisco so far though). NMW boasts they are still working on the app stating “We want to make the best local site in the world and make it TRULY local.”  This sounds great, even if I cannot make heads or tails as to what its meaning is.

     So if you use Craigslist a lot for anything from those listings for real estate to the personals or for those one-night hookups then this is the app for you.  I’m interested to see what comes next to spruce Craigsphone up from NMW.