Absence of bluetooth (software-wise) has been a major drawback of iPhone, which has put many people (including me) into some really embarassing situations. Yet Apple has not even taken one step in the right the direction of fixing this and is unlikely to do it anytime soon! Many different people have been trying to make the use of Bluetooth possible for operations like File Transfer, A2DP etc. but have had no luck, until now.

      Finally, the dream is actually going to become a reality soon! The Dev-Team has made some large strides in the design of their new Bluetooth project, BlueSn0w.  As per the BlueSn0w team, they have been able to “pwn” the device’s Bluetooth into being able to write/implement functions on the base Bluetooth stack used by the iPhone.

     Currently the team has been able to make a tool that enables the iPhone to imprint the MAC Address of any device within 10 seconds, which is even faster than the time Settings app used to scan the phone. This is totally command line for now and they are working on a GUI for the near future.

     Though, this is a huge achievement, there’s a lot more to come. The final app will be loaded with more features and a relatively decent GUI. You’ll be able to pair the phone and make it discoverable too. There’s gonna be file transfer and a lot more on the way and guess what, it’s all free! But if you want to support their hard work and the project, please donate to them.

     FYI: This team had a villain named Medevil who stole some of the work (*cough* Zibri *cough*). So, if you see him on any forum trying to sell their work, just ignore him.

     Link to the tool (zipped) with instructions inside: BlueSn0w