A weblog dedicated to reporting on technology and internet products going by the name of TechCrunch has recently claimed that they have heard, from 3 separate independent sources, a new “Large Screen iPod Touch Device” will be released. Granted the picture isn’t the real deal, according to TechCrunch one source has handled the “7 to 9 inch screen prototype”, and reports that it is compatible with App Store applications.

      While no information on the pricing of the device has been revealed, the 32gb iPod Touch was released at $399. One could only expect the “rumoured device” may set them back a tad more than $500.

      Even though rumors of tablet devices being released by Apple aren’t unheard of, TechCrunch claims that its sources are reliable. Although there is of course no guarantee of this device ever existing, the outlook for those interested in such a product being released is bright.