We’ve had many rumors about colored iPhones before with the Red iPhone leading the pack, but none of them proved to be authentic. This new information however is mind boggling!

     As Engadget reports, a Pink iPhone 3G with black SIM tray top has appeared on eBay and this one looks pretty legit as well! This isn’t a ColoWare job due to the back having all the imprints saying iPhone 3G and IMEI number. Though it might look attractive to some, the fact is that it’s not classy enough and is too unlikely to ever be released by Apple!

      As per Engadget, this could be a colored piece produced by one of the Asian OEMs but why wouldn’t the manufacturer color the SIM card tray top like the White 3G iPhone model!?! For now, this seems to be quite puzzling but these rumors are soon going to be answered at Macworld this year.

     Also, here’s the result of some vector masking and hue changes my friend did which makes me believe the above could just be another photoshopped picture: