You all know an iPhone when you see one, and that’s partly due to its plentiful sales. Apple puts a ginormous amount of effort into making the most user-pleasing products, and the iPhone is no exception. Prior to the 3G iPhone’s release, the only iPhone was without 3G, but was sagely updated by Apple to a more up-to-date phone, the iPhone 3G. People went crazy over the freshly released iPhone, and, unsurprisingly, there were long lines trailing from AT&T stores everywhere.

    The iPhone may be a revolutionary and unfathomably game-capable smart phone, but some people would never pay that extra money to get the “overrated” iPhone. According to various sources, it’s possible that Apple’s working on a new phone, the iPhone Nano. It is rumored that the new phone will be priced notably lower than the current iPhone, but will have significantly less functionality.

     Some evidence of such a device is the appearance of iPhone Nano cases from vaja, XSKN, and others. Vaja no longer has the link for iPhone Nano cases, but still has a form to sign up for the “upcoming release” of them. XSKN still has the iPhone Nano cases up for sale, but other manufacturers who were selling iPhone Nano cases have recently halted their production. Experts have their opinions on the matter, and Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co analyst Craig Berger have much to say. Berger reported that the iPhone Nano’s release is approaching, but doesn’t think it’ll make it to the upcoming MacWorld expo.

    Although the iPhone Nano could be a good economical iPhone option, it seems like the GUI would be somewhat crippled compared to the current iPhone. Take a gander at the supposed springboard of the supposed iPhone Nano above; it’s über-crammed. Furthermore, I’m not convinced that the current iPhone applications would be compatible with the iPhone Nano. Imagine surfing the web on this itty-bitty shrimp….

     You can never be sure about rumors, so I’ll just go about my usual life and wait. There might be some interesting surprises at MacWorld next week, so save your earnings; you might find yourself purchasing an inexpensive MacBook.