No I am not referring to the network supplied by AT&T.  Edge, a game by Mobigame that takes advantage of the iPhone’s Accelerometer is uniquely one of the prettiest games out there considering its very basic shapes and use of colors.  The old adage is true in this case, “Simplicity is best”.  The game experience is unique by combining Maze with a three dimensional environment for a 2 dimensional platform game.  It has the feeling of the movie Tron due to its look,  but that is where the similarity stops.  Edge requires you to control a cube that must be navigated through hostile environments riddled with traps and pit-falls.  As you progress these hazards increase in their complexity.

     The best way to get an understanding as to what I am speaking about, would be to check out the video of gameplay by Mobigame.  Edge has been out for sometime on other platforms such as Sony Ericcson hand-helds.  But yay for us!  It will be available on the iPhone/Touch next week and will contain 26 mazes to complete by use of the Accelerometer and touch screen.

     Edge was nominated for several gaming awards in Europe, and with a game this unusually simple but vastly complex sophistication of game play who wouldn’t want to try it out?  I can see this being a huge hit right off the bat.  Let’s hope they make it free for the first week.  But if not?  If it is within the $2.00 range?  I’ll get it regardless.