While all of you were indulging in caviar and Long Island ice tea last night, the iPhone Dev-Team was gradually making its way into the 3G Unlock release. Having been told that it would be available to the public on New Year’s Eve, iPhone users from around the world repeatedly asked the Dev-Team why it wasn’t released yet due to the fact that it was 2009 before Yellowsn0w was released. The Dev-Team posted a bunch of binary, which translates to “vtaber 61060174″.”Vtaber” is “ignore” in Rot13, and “61060174” is the blog post number of the Dev-Team’s “The Man from DelMonte – He Say Yes!” post. That amounts to “Ignore the Man from DelMonte.”

    In the DelMonte post, the Dev-Team stated that the 2.28.00 baseband could not be unlocked, and now they’re debunking those words. Before their last two posts, the latest word was that one must create a custom 2.2 .ipsw (the firmware file) with PwnageTool in order to preserve the older and unlock-compatible baseband. According to the Dev-Team’s posted screenshot (pictured in the image to the left), 2.2 really is unlockable; the carrier is “Carrier 2.9”, while  the modem firmware (baseband) is 2.28.00. The Dev-Team has updated the post to explain that the unlock will indeed be only for 2.28.00 baseband. I know the Dev-Team told everyone who wanted the soft unlock should preserve their earlier baseband, but all you need to do is update through iTunes to 2.2 firmware and then use Quickpwn in order to obtain 2.28.00 baseband.

     After apparently waking up from the deep sleep that he was in, the Dev-Team member who’s in charge of the repository finally fixed a problematic permission error. The unlock, Yellowsn0w, is now available through Cydia and Installer. Eight hours ago the Dev-Team wrote a post explaining Yellowsn0w, and there are flaws in the newly released 3G unlock.

    As with most things, there is a bug that the 3G unlock possesses. For those of you who have menus such as “get credit” and others, you will have to re-insert your SIM card 60 seconds after each reboot (after the “slide to unlock” screen), but the Dev-Team seeks to resolve this bug. Fear not, for the Dev-Team is on top of the 3G iPhone like almonds on sweet-potato casserole.

I hope you all have an adventurous and successful 2009!