Palringo – Latest Update Adds Location, Distance and Soon Maps to Rich Messaging iPhone App!



      Palringo Limited has released an update to their rich iPhone messaging application with some very interesting new features.

     Now, if an iPhone user wants to know if any of their friends are near them, all …


2.2.1 Jailbreak, yellowsn0w 0.9.7, & DFU Mode for OS X 10.5.6!

2.2.1 QuickPwn


     The iPhone Dev Team has promised a speedy jailbreak for 2.2.1, and it looks like they weren’t lying! Just a couple days after the release of firmware 2.2.1, they came out new versions of QuickPwn for Mac, QuickPwn …


Apple To Create a $19.99 Premium Games Section in iTunes??




     The rumor mill has started again, this time in regards to Apple creating a $19.99 premium games section in iTunes. Sources say that due to the excessive price tag these games will have to meet specific requirements …


Evidence of a New iPhone Discovered in 2.x Firmware!

New iPhone?


     The very first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Since then, Apple has improved the older iPhone model into a newer, sexier phone: the iPhone 3G. With the tapered edges and built-in GPS, users happily adapted to …


Liquid Element Case – Who Ever Thought Bulk Would Look So Good!

     There are cases for almost every form and fashion out there with the most common being the easily removable plastic shields.  These type of cases are favored because they can be removed at anytime, show the beauty of the …


Battle of the Bluetooth! – The War Has Begun, But Who Will Emerge the Victor?



     This may not be common knowledge but there is currently a war going on between two rival developers regarding bluetooth for the iPhone.

     Now we all remember near the beginning of January, the Devs over at the


Using Pirated/Cracked Apps is Selfish and Illegal.

Cracked Apps Jail

     You wouldn’t steal a TV. You wouldn’t steal a DVD player. You wouldn’t steal an Xbox game. Why is it that you would steal intellectual property, or, rather, iPhone applications? Many people’s answer to this question is something close …


Apple Releases Firmware Update 2.2.1 – Very Minor Update

update 2.2.1

     Apple released a small update to the iPhone firmware today in the form of 2.2.1, which was reported by sims5677 nearly two weeks ago. Apple have yet to update this on their homepage, but it is available through iTunes.


Lamp Off: Turn The Lights Off!

Lamp Off Screenshot

     “A Light Genie comes down to challenge earthlings to a game of Lamp Off.” Developed by Thumb Country, Lamp Off is very challenging, entertaining, and is the type of game that really makes you think. With harder difficulty every …


hClipboard – Copy and Paste Apps Are Like Buses, You Wait For One and Two Come At Once!!


     Another developer released his own copy/paste app called hClipboard yesterday, that’s right ANOTHER copy/paste app. But KennyTM~ has taken a very different approach with his app as it is based on iKeyEx.

     It also seems to work …

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