Most people that have an iPhone would agree that it’s an amazing and revolutionary smart phone even though some “key features” such as tethering and A2DP Bluetooth are absent. I ran into a couple at the AT&T store that were giving up their BlackBerries for something else. They seemed interested in the iPhone, but were disappointed that it could not be tethered. For the iPhone’s price, some people think it’s outrageous to even think of buying the iPhone with its “lack of features” and think that the price should definitely be lowered. How often do you pay over $199 for a phone with a contract? $199 is a bit steep for many people, yet the iPhone is the smart phone I see most frequently in people’s hands.

     AT&T, probably due to the economical situation, has lowered the price of refurbished iPhones by $100! The refurbished 8GB’s are now only $99, while the 16GB’s, both black and white, are $199. If you remember the rumored $99 Wal-Mart iPhone, it was confirmed as false, but may have had a slight truth to it. Wal-Mart sure isn’t selling a $99 4GB iPhone, but AT&T is selling a refurbished $99 8GB iPhone! It’s over at AT&T’s online store, listed as a new item in the refurbished cell phones section. You still need a 2 year contract with AT&T and the exclusive price lasts only until New Year’s Eve (12/31/08) which is this Wednesday. So if you didn’t get to give that special someone a gift, why not choose an iPhone 3G? Hurry there’s not much time for this amazing deal!