From the makers of Dropship and Dr. Awesome, here comes another amazing and very hyped title Rolando. The release for the game was announced back on the 1st July and finally after a lot of lingering, it’s finally released on the App Store! This game was first to be released by a company called HandCircus but soon ngmoco took the matter into its own hands and from then on the game has improved a lot.

     Rolando looks like a very exciting game from the start, it is fully packed and can keep you entertained for long hours. The graphics are awesome, and even the controls are creative and smooth. When announced, it seemed to be just a Locoroco clone but soon after the short gameplay clip released, the developers confirmed that it is much better than that!

     The gameplay is quite interesting with 4 worlds engaging 36 levels. The controls are quite interactive and take full benefit of touch screen as well as the accelerometer. The creatures are very adorable and the game is full of creativity, at every level you get to do something new which makes the game loads more entertaining! Also, it has a great 4.5 star rating on the App Store as of now!

     Here are some expert opinions:

“Really, the “worst” part about the game is that it ends.” – TouchArcade

“There’s almost nothing to not like here” – TUAW

“The best game you can buy for the iPhone” – IGN

     Though it’s a wonderful app, the price is a bit steep at $9.99. But, the developers have spent a lot of time on the game (more than 5 months), so it is completely fair and seems quite satisfying to me. But if you still want a lower price then give it a few days and maybe they will have a good Christmas discount!