If you remember, a few days back, we had a short preview of the new SimCity for iPhone which seems to be a pretty well furnished and addictive iPhone game. To my surprise, I saw it on the Top of Top Paid Apps list on the App Store in just 2 days. However when I opened the App Store today, the Top Paid Apps list shocked me when it had SimCity on second and a Fart Machine application named iFart, which was previously banned but later on allowed, was now on top.

     This is quite irony as Apple has never promoted such apps and even had an app of this kind (named Pull My Finger) banned before before it’s debut! Now I thought that there might be something to this app so I went ahead and downloaded it for a test run.

     To my surprise, it isn’t as bad as I expected it to be but infact it’s an app with a lot of potential. It’s a great prank to fool people but does this app actually deserve to be on the top? I must say NO! This is completely unfair with all those developers who make applications like SimCity, Rolando, Heroes of Sparta just to name a few. This shows how people just go on buying everything that is cheap but don’t want to buy quality products even if they deserve their price tag. Even though many apps are somewhat overpriced, most of the expensive titles are great and worth having.

     To quote one of our members:

“I know the answer for a free copy! Cracked .IPAs! Did I get it right?” – Wez

      Sometime back, Mr. Hockenberry stated that instead of bringing some quality apps to AppStore, he would rather make some crapware and sell it for 99 cents just to withstand the competition. It means that if we really want some good apps then stop the practice of cracking such apps. Also, try the apps which are worth the price and don’t just go on buying the 99 cent stuff all the time.

     It also be great if Apple could improve their system of putting apps on the Top 100 list as just managing them on the basis of their price would mean that most of the good apps will be left out and just the 99 cent apps, even if it is totally crap, will grab people’s attention!