MobileMe Catches Thief!

    MobileMe hasn’t exactly been the best service of its kind, and many of its customers have been displeased with the quality of it. Apple has updated MobileMe, attempting to make it more usable, but it still doesn’t seem worth the $99/year to many folks.

    Even though MobileMe doesn’t seem like something worth spending your ninety-nine precious greenbacks on, Rob, a TÚAW reader, had something interestingly fortunate happen to him due to his MobileMe membership.

    While Rob was at the dry-cleaner’s one day, his iPhone was stolen, and, assuming that he had no chance of regaining his beloved device, he purchased a brand new one. Contacts gradually synced to his new iPhone from MobileMe, and they were apparently the unintelligent thief’s closest friends! He then obtained the thief’s information from the provided contacts, and passed it on to the authorities. Rob got his old iPhone back before the night was up!

    It just so happens that you can bid to win on this suddenly famous iPhone due to the fact that Rob is auctioning it off on eBay. You might consider bidding on his white 16GB 3G iPhone, because, come December 31st, you’ll have the ability to unlock it to your preferred carrier (Thanks to the Dev-Team.) Not only would this be possible, you also wouldn’t be stuck with the AT&T contract in addition to your new carriers’!

    MobileMe could be a sort of security precaution since you really care about your iPhone. MobileMe may not be completely satisfying in the long run, but, if your iPhone is stolen, you might get lucky like Rob did!