Apple Insider reports that Apple has been ordered by the French Conseil de la concurrence, France’s competition regulator, to dissolve its exclusivity contract with Orange in France!  This is a result of uber jealousy by another major French carrier, Bouygues Télécom, who filed a complaint against the deal.

     According to the injunction of Conseil de la concurrence, Apple and Orange are ordered to dissolve the exclusivity contract until further orders from them. The counsel even prohibited Apple to enter into any other exclusivity contract with france Telecom for any future iPhone models during the period.

     While this order is currently temporary and a precautionary measure while the counsel investigates the complain, it can be a large impact on Apple due to the loss of a huge partner. This also means that other French carriers and resellers would be able to sell the iPhone too.

     The reason for this ruling was that the counsel believes Apple’s exclusivity poses a threat to competition in the wireless market and forced the consumer to pay unnecessarily and switch carriers. A copy of the 48 page ruling can be found here.

     Though this might seem like a good idea to the common user, this will actually mean that Apple will make huge retail price increases like its first gen unlocked iPhones for $1000!