SSH Guide

For Windows and Macintosh

(You must have your Apple device connected to a WiFi router, along with your computer)

Starting with your iPhone or iPod touch (Demonstrated with iPhone 3G)

Step 1) Make sure that your iPhone or iPod Touch is jailbroken, activated, and ready to work.

Step 2) Launch “Cydia” on your device.

Step 3) In Cydia, tap “Sections” at the bottom of the screen, and then tap “All Packages”.

Step 4) Scroll down to “OpenSSH”, tap it and then install it.

Step 5) On your Apple device, locate your WiFi network under “Settings”. Tap on the small arrow beside it and locate your “IP Address”. Log this number or keep that window open until you enter it on the following step.


Proceed to appropriate operating system instructions

Windows (Demonstrated in Vista)

Step 6) On your computer, go to and download the latest version of the WinSCP software.

*Be sure to select “Installation Package” after clicking the “Download” link.

Step 7) Install the WinSCP software

Step 8 ) Launch WinSCP, you will see a screen like this:

Step 9) Insert login data on WinSCP window as follows:

                Host Name:  (Your “IP Address” from step 5)

                User Name: root

                Password: alpine

                File Protocol: SFTP

                Port Number: 22

Step 10) If a message pops up that says that says the RSA fingerprint keys do not match, ignore it and continue. If you are successful, you will arrive at this window:

You are now inside the file system of your device; you can read files and write files to the device in any folder.


Macintosh (Demonstrated with OS X 10.5.5 Leopard)

Step 6) Download Cyberduck by going to

Step 7) Install the software

Step 8 ) Open Terminal (found under the “Go” menu under “Utilities”)

Step 9) Type in as follows: ssh root@(Your “IP Address” from Step 5)

 Step 10) It will ask you to add your device as a known host, type: yes

* There will be a short delay before it responds, after this you may close Terminal.

Step 11) Open Cyberduck and click on “Open Connection”.

Step 12) Enter the following information in the window and click “Connect”:

                Protocol: SFTP

                Port: 22

                Server: (IP Address from Step 5)

                Username: root

                Password: alpine

You should now be able to view the contents of your Apple device.