SimCity Bam



     If you remember my previous post about SimCity, I was extremely eager to see it come to the AppStore. Not only would this make people see what kind of games the iPhone is capable of, it would really prove that the iPhone is capable of true gaming.

     Well, we don’t have to hold our breath any longer, because happy iPhone users everywhere are playing the game right now! SimCity is up for grabs at $9.99, and the reviews are making it look like I was right when I said, “When this game is released, not only will it be different than anything that has been seen on the App Store, I feel that, no matter what price tag they put on this baby, it’ll sell like cappuccinos on an April afternoon.”

     Some of you may be annoyed that many of the good games out there are at least $9.99, but this game looks like an exceptional excuse to cough up the ten bucks and give it a whirl. Right now its rating is 4 out of 5 stars, and here’s what one of the users that rated it 5/5 has to say:

     “There’s so much freakin’ content in this game! I’ve been playing for 8 hours now and there’s still more crap to do! I hope this goes on forever. Great job on this. No crashes so far[…]”

     If you have $9.99 burning a hole in your credit card and 30.9MB free on your iPhone (or iPod touch!), give yourself an early Christmas present from the iTunes Store!