This guide is for those who have an iPhone 3G/ iPhone and contract with their carrier and just want to jailbreak and get SSH access etc.

Before starting, download the following things:

iPhone Firmware 2.2 for iPhone 3G


iPhone Firmware 2.2 for iPhone

iTunes 8.0.2

QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac

     NOTE: This tutorial will currently not work with the new Uni-body Macbook (s) as they do not detect iPhone in DFU mode.

Now, let’s get started!

1. Download all the files listed above.
2. Open iTunes and select your iPhone in sidebar.

3. Hold the option button on the keyboard and click on restore, a browsing selection will pop-up.

4. Find the firmware file you downloaded in the first step, select it and then click open. iTunes will now restore the phone.

NOTE: Restore process may take 10-15 minutes.

5. Make sure the phone is connected via USB and open QuickPwn you downloaded in the beginning.

6. Let it detect your device (iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPhone 3G and the firmware you downloaded)

7. Now choose if you want to have original bootlogos or the Pineapple and Steve Jobs logo byDevTeam as your bootlogos.

NOTE: It will display another pop-up for 2G users asking them if they want to use phone with contract (this will keep it locked) or not (this will unlock it).

8.  Let it run the process.

9. Now, it will ask for your Mac’s Password, type it and click OK.

10. Make sure your device is connected. Now it will ask you to turn off your device, do it and then follow the onscreen steps to initiate the jailbreak on phone.

11. After that, it will send some files to your phone, do not interrupt.

12. Finally, you will get a Successfully pwned message at end.

13. Now, there will be some messages displayed on phone’s screen, again, DO NOT INTERRUPT.

14.  After that the phone will reboot and you will have Cydia and installer on home screen.


















Have Fun with your newly Jailbroken iPhone

All credits go to DevTeam for the jailbreak technique.