What is WinterBoard?
     WinterBoard is a very powerful theming tool, created by Saurik (Jay Freeman), used to customize and transform the look and feel of the iPhone & iPod Touch. This application runs in the background and handles everything from basic SpringBoard themes (Wallpaper, Dock, StatusBar, & Icons) all the way up to complete themes that customize the entire system UI (Buttons, Backgrounds, & Sounds). WinterBoard also has the ability to theme individual applications which are usually referred to as App Themes.


     Here, I’ll walk you through installing WinterBoard and downloading themes from Cydia to apply to the SpringBoard then later we’ll get into detail on how you can make your own themes.

     This guide assumes you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch with Cydia installed.
In this tutorial you will learn to

1. Install WinterBoard from Cydia.
2. Install themes from Cydia.
3. Apply selected theme(s) to WinterBoard.
4. Remove themes from WinterBoard.


Install WinterBoard from Cydia
     Launch Cydia by tapping the Cydia icon on your Homescreen. Go to the search portion of Cydia by tapping the search icon in the bottom right corner. In the search box at the top of your screen enter WinterBoard then scroll down until you find WinterBoard in the list. Once located, tap to select the WinterBoard application then tap Install button at the top right. When the installation is complete Cydia will restart your device.


Install themes from Cydia
     Launch Cydia and go to Sections at the bottom of the screen then scroll down until you find the list of categories named Themes (Apps), Themes (Batteries), Themes (Complete), etc. Tap to enter one of these categories and you’ll find a list of custom themes. Now go through each one and preview the screenshots until you find one you want. After you’ve found one you like, tap the install button at the top right to install it.


Apply selected themes to WinterBoard
     Launch WinterBoard from the Homescreen and you’ll find a list of themes that come pre-installed along with any themes you’ve previously installed in Cydia. Simply tap the theme of your choice and a checkmark will appear to the right of it. Now press the home button to exit WinterBoard. SpringBoard will restart and return you to the “slide to unlock screen”. At this point your theme has been applied and should be visible.

     WinterBoard allows you to apply multiple themes at one time and the list of themes can be sorted by priority. You can move the themes around by using the icons to the right of each theme in the list. To rearrange the list simply hold your finger on the “sort” icon and drag the theme up or down the list then release.


Remove themes from WinterBoard
     To unapply a theme in WinterBoard tap the theme in the list and the checkmark will disappear. To apply your settings exit WinterBoard and wait for SpringBoard to restart.