According to a report by Technologizer, the PasteBud solution, which allows you to copy and paste, is not a very safe one! When Harry over at Technologizer tried to use the function of copying an email using PasteBud’s online clipboard, he got access to someone else’ pastebin! This is a huge security threat to anyone who has tried to use the service to copy some official mail. Here’s what he has to say:

     “I waxed prematurely: I’m using Pastebud, which became available today…and it’s apparently giving me access to strangers’ clipboards.”

     Company’s Site FAQ:

     “It’s certainly safe enough for most uses. All clipboards are anonymous, and destroyed withing five minutes of copy. Email addresses are not saved on the server; we only use them to reply for copying.

     However, since your clipboard is being passed over the network in most cases, you should take care not to send anything sensitive.”

     From the above quote, it’s a “safe enough” solution. Though they warn you not to paste anything sensitive but even still it could potentially be a major threat! They are planning to add some security features in the near future that will destroy copied data on paste, implement SSL, and more but for now, this threat is quite major and needs to be corrected as soon as possible.