If you like loud and rude stuff, Apple is finally hearing you. They are now allowing these kind of apps on the iPhone and are soon going to add a genre for all things obnoxious!

     MacRumors reports that the new app Pull My Finger, basically turns your iPhone into an “Electrnic Fart Machine” was originally rejected before but has now been accepted to the store. Here’s what the developer has to say:

     “[Apple] told me that they are going to start approving a whole new “genre” of apps, and that Pull My Finger will be the first to be accepted in this genre. As of now Pull My Finger is available in the app store.

     The very kind Apple Team Member told me that they didn’t want to reject it originally, but that they were sorting out how this “genre” of apps were going to be handled. She told me they’d be lifting the restriction on them, and more apps will follow that may have been previously not allowed.”

     From this, it seems quite clear that soon you will be able to grab more NSFW (not safe for work) apps on the App Store. Another one which has been accepted is iFart, which has the same functionality as Pull My Finger.

     Currently, the category has not been added to the list and these apps are randomly categorized, i.e. Pull My Finger is in Entertainment, but it seems to be clear from the quote above that Apple will soon be adding a new category!