SimCity for iPhone     Imagine a city with shops, pedestrian, cars, and the like. You may consider this a typical city, but there’s something special; the fate of the city lies in your hands with the classic game of SimCity.

     SimCity has always been a compicated game of strategy and marketing while also being one of the most interactive and exciting Sim games. There have been multiple versions of this game including SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimCity 64, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush-hour, SimCity DS, SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies: Destinations, SimCity DS 2, and SimCity Creator. As you can see, there are MANY versions to grace our consoles.

     In SimCity, you compete with other players, whether they be human or computer, to get the most money and property. Your business depends on the townspeople, and they actually walk around to different stores at random.

     Now, imagine this game on the iPhone. Most games in the App Store have been incomparable to game console games, but someone has got to show people that the iPhone is a real gaming device. EA has SimCity for iPhone in the works, and states that this game is no joke. The following quote by should make you even more confident that this game will be a huge success:

     “Whatever you do, though, don’t go thinking this is SimCity Lite. This mobile version is fully featured, with pre-builtcities, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, etc. The works. [Pinching] in as close as you canon the 2D sprites reveals intricate details, such a smoke emitting from towers, or shading alongside the buildings. Overall, a really nice graphical presentation that compares similarly to SimCity 3000.”

     SimCity for iPhone’s release date is said to be late December, and according to, “It’ll be a hot download, no doubt.”

     For those of you that haven’t played SimCity before: it’s addicting. When this game is released, not only will it be different than anything that has been seen on the App Store, I feel that, no matter what price tag they put on this baby, it’ll sell like cappuccinos on an April afternoon.