Gizmodo reports about a new method of copy and paste for iPhone and this time it’s completely legal! Not endorsed by Apple in anyway, it is available without needing to jailbreak to use it and it won’t be available on App Store anytime soon because it isn’t even an application!

     This is basically a method that works with a combination of javascript bookmarks and web services, both of which makes it impossible for it to ever make it to the App Store.  The best thing is that this method works between two of the most crucial apps, Mail and Safari!

     The service which makes all this possible is named PasteBud. PasteBud uses two bookmarks, one loads the page being viewed, ready to select the required text at a touch. Then, you can copy the text and put it in a new mail or just copy it to another webpage.

     This technique seems quite innovative and can have great future possibilities!  It seems that the method might eventually cost $5.  So, what do you think? Will you buy a feature that should have come stock on the iPhone or just wait for Apple to implement it?