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     Although the App Store is at high stakes with 10,000 apps and 3 Million downloads, it seems that esteemed developers are unhappy with the pricing of cheap apps.

     Craig Hockenberry from Icon Factory, the developer of Frenzic and Twitterific, describes the issue with the pricing of 99c “Ringtone Apps” in a letter to Steve Jobs.

     In this letter, he has mentioned the problem with 99c which he calls “ringtone apps” or “crapware”. According to him, developer’s are reducing the prices to stay in the competition and in the long run. He complains that it is difficult to get recognition in App Store without a great or “kickass” product.

     Craig also states that, “this is ruining innovation as developers with great ideas don’t have enough funding to make good apps and to get good sales, they have to sacrifice the quality of an app to make it cost 99c.” and “I’m also concerned that this “making it up in volume” approach won’t last too much longer. With 10,000 apps in the App Store, it’s already a fricken’ cat fight to get into one of the top 100 spots. What’s it going to be like when there are 20,000 apps? Or 100,000 apps? Volume is going to get split amongst a lot of players, hopefully the number of devices/customers will increase at the same rate.”

     Though he does not offer any solution but rather writes, “you and your team are perfectly capable of dealing with it on your own terms.”

     What do you guys think? Will you be willing to pay more for the ‘quality’ apps or just go for the so called “crapware”?