I can attest that I HATE with a passion the stock earphones we get from Apple.  They do not stay in my ears well and with slight tugs, they pop out.  If they get snagged on something they will swiftly snap out of my ear(s) and promptly attempt to kill me like a bola wrapping around my throat in an attempt to choke my wind-pipe or snap into my eye or teeth, causing me to fumble around like someone who’s contact just fell out of their eye trying to look cool while regaining control of the flailing buds to reinsert them into my head.  Should they stay in, the gait and rhythm of my stride will cause them gradually but quickly enough, cause me reason to constantly readjust them so that I have some audible clarity and get the rich, lush base line By cramming them into my ear canals which in time becomes uncomfortable itself.  When they are loose, they sound “tinny” and just awful.  So I have since, after I got my 3G, been scrupulously looking at alternative earphones and their prices. 

     Being that I ride motorcycles I am well aware of in-ear styles of earphones.  For this sport I actually spent $200 on a pair.  However, these earphones are custom fit to my ear, working as earplugs to save my hearing from the harsh wind noise and engine roar while pumping cool tunes into my skull as I strafe-apexes and blip from point A-B at warp speeds with the police chasing after me like I just robbed a bank.  Now, I would use these extraordinarily expensive earphones for my iPhone, if not for the fact that they lack the really cool Mic/Controller.  I could just imagine the hassle of using my motorcycle earphones, getting a call, scrambling to pull out the iPhone while trying to twist and remove the custom earplug.  This would be a dance that would need practice for the required expertise to look smooth and cool while doing it, and I have better things to do.

     I have known about a pair of Earphones called the V.Moda Duos for months now.  I have been eyeing them for awhile, flirting with quick gazes and then turning away.  Being that they are listed at $100 made me feel a bit beneath their league.  But they looked cool, got good write ups and really seemed to be what I not only wanted, but needed. I admit it, I stalked them for a while, followed them around where I saw them and envisioned fantasies of them inserting themselves into my orifices.  Then something happened my brother walked in one day with these new earphones.  His Apple stocks stopped working and his fiancé’s parents decided to buy him a pair of new ones.  I saw them and my jaw went slack and I was aghast, he had the V.Modas. 

     I inspected them carefully looking at all the details in the flesh, as I had seen them in many pictures and reviews.  Stainless steel in design, anodized metal (his in black/silver).  Fabric weave insulation around the wires, solid design, compact and with Mic/Controller.  After some questions to him with a light shining in his eyes as I interrogated him to the point of him getting irritated, I went on my hunt.  This stalker was about to make contact and take action.  $65 on Amazon + $5 S&H, and 2 days later, my V.Moda Duo’s arrived to me in the mail, yes only 2 DAYS!  So I get them, the packaging was alright, but then again I didn’t buy them for the packaging.  The fabric weave around the wires was more than obvious, they do this to braid and thus increase the tensile strength of the wires.  I got myself the Red/Gunmetal color.  They looked sleek and cool.  So I cut them out of the Child/Adult proof blister packaging and saw it came with a leather carrying case which was nice and all but I really don’t need a case.  I look in the case and I see 2 little plastic bags.  In them each, were 3 sets of ear buds.  One bags contents were black, the other clear.  After finding the right size for my ears I proceeded to insert them and jam the jack into my iPhone and turn on the iPod. 

     Glorious sounds then began to fill my head.  But I noticed something awry.  The music did not sound as crisp as it once did.  What was a higher treble and better balance for me, was now diminished with a deeper lusher base.  This did not suit my desire but easily fixed as I went into the iPod function under settings and switched to a new equalizer frequency.  Now for the past 4 days I have been walking bundled up and running around NYC jamming to tunes through my V.Modas’.  They sound great!  The controller, while slightly more difficult to manipulate due it being a small button as apposed to the stock earphones having the entire unit being the button, works perfectly.  The Mic I can say, is better than stock.  The earphones work great.  They do not slip out of my head, are not easily tugged out your ears and the sound is rich, clear and jamming. 

     Now those of you considering these earphones, please realize that due to the fabric weave and the in ear design which will plug your ears.  When you walk the fabric rubbing against your clothes will translate to your ears some with them plugged and sealed by the soft rubber buds.  This can be overcome by the use of the clip that comes with the earphones which will help to prevent friction.  Also the plugged ears will drastically diminish any outside noise. So if you like that open-ear design?  These are not for you.  But if not, then I can say get these earphones. 

     Some people like Nazaroth stated in his article, have trouble keeping them in their ears.  A solution I found for this is to lick (yes I know it sounds gross) the rubber buds and then placing them in your ears.  The moisture not only helps the seal but also helps to keep the buds fixed in place so they do not drop out.  On top of this, the V.Moda Duo’s are also small enough where they can be placed comfortably within the cup of the ear, allowing the outer part of the lobe to wrap around the back of the ear phones making them additionally snug and secure.  These headphones are a treat and my apple stock phones, have now been retired to a drawer, only ever to see the light of day again in an emergency.  I say get these earphones and enjoy convenience and cool factor as they are some really cool looking earphones that have a very high quality design.