The Invisual iPhone case by Critica is a marvelous case that has been designed specifically for the visually impaired users.

     As we know, tactile feedback is a feature lacking in the iPhone since its release, this case has come to rescue. Basically it is a silicone case which covers the phone completely and has low-relief buttons. Each of the buttons correspond to an app on their custom modified homescreen which makes it much more capable. The best part of the case is that the company claims no impact on the other touch screen functionalities.

     The case also has a visible glow with the display on which makes it greatly usable for those who can differentiate lit area from the rest. According to the company, an application will soon be launched at the App Store for the case low-relief features, as well as some support for speech-to-text.

     For now, the one pictured above is not the final product and just a prototype but it seems that it is going to be a real wonderful piece of art and technology. We will keep you updated with any info on the case.

[TUAW via Apartment Therapy]