Recently, Apple published it’s list of “Best of 2008” with a special page on iTunes. They published the top free and top paid selling stuff on the basis of Gross Sales.  But screenshots taken only hours apart show that a few apps were changed or removed from the list completely. 

     When the best of 2008 list was published by Apple, an app called What’s On TV? by Napkin Studios was a part of the Top Entertainment list but disappeared in a sudden poof of dust! This app basically displays TV show listing and tracks your favorites.

     What’s more is that another app, OneTap Movies faced the same fate. These apps were the part of the list and without any notice got replaced by two other apps namely “iLightr” and “Crazy Lighter

Current “Best of 2008” List

     This is what a member of the What’s On app has to say:

     …we were eager to see if our application had made the cut. To our surprise, we
had made it in the Top Paid Entertainment Apps list! We quickly
notified all of our users via email newsletter, twitter and other
channels to spread the news. Later in the evening, one of our
employees looked and we were no longer on the list. We looked several
places to be certain and sure enough, the Top Paid Entertainment list
was down to 7 with an obvious hole where What’s On once was featured.

     What seems to be a simple logic for the removal of the apps is that, one of these apps (What’s on TV?) was available for free last weekend as a part of their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion. Maybe, there is a faint chance that the change in pricing got the app disqualified but it might not be the actual reason, even still the company should have been notified of the change!

     For now, the mails sent to Apple have not been answered but maybe, there will be an update soon.

[via TUAW]