Recently I received a pair of Radius’ new earphones, the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones, that are made specifically for the iPhone. These amazing new earphones are advertised as:

     Japanese designed Radius Earphones deliver the highest level of sound quality, superior construction, unrivaled comfort and unparalleled style. The ultra-light weight aluminum earphones are designed to fit comfortably in the ear and are as functional as they are fashionable.

     Upon first receiving them, I was very doubtful of their sound quality and couldn’t imagine how something so small could really be that much better than any other earphones out there.  Opening the package I found that they not only come with 1 but 3 sizes of changeable earbuds sizes S, M, and L.  I read through the instruction booklet to find out how to properly use my new earphones then decided to try them on.  I normally don’t get in ear headphones because I never seem to be able to find any that fit, and this was no different.  I tried every size of earbuds but couldn’t ever get them to fit properly so I contacted the company and inquired if they made any smaller buds for people who have smaller ears, sadly the package comes with all the sizes available, so I also tried it with no buds at all and it was a much different sound.  You really don’t get the full quality without the buds. 

     I decided to hold the earphones in my ear to at least test them out for this review and to my amazement they were everything they say and more!  The 10mm neodymium magnet that is in each earpiece makes the bass and audio sound amazingly clear, I felt as if I was in a sound booth and nobody else was around. I just can’t describe the amazing quality of these in ear headphones.  The mic that was included on the earphones was also very clear, according to the people I called.  In fact these earphones made me want to see if Apple’s included earphones for the iPhone had a button under the mic that could pause, play, and skip music, low and behold it did!  I felt like a fool for not realizing the capability of them before.

     These earphones are by far the best that I have ever tried and I really wish I could continue to use them, but until they decide to make XS earbuds I am stuck with my stock iPhone earbuds. At only $49.99, and several different colors, they are an amazing steal and anyone who normally wears in ear headphones without a problem should definately pick up a pair!