According to recent reports, it has been rumored that Wal-Mart will be stocking 4GB iPhones with a 2 year agreement. Although this has not been officially confirmed there has been a lot of speculation surrounding this possible addition to Wal-Mart’s plans for the iPhone. Apple originally dropped their 4GB model in favour of the larger 8GB capacity, due to public favouritism. However now the more pocket-friendly range has been released on the public, 4GB sounds a lot more tempting at $99 as opposed to it’s original $399 price tag.

     However don’t count on it as a certainty as BoyGeniusReport states:

     “Anyone looking to spend $99 on an iPhone probably doesn’t care that much about storage anyway and they’ll be more than happy to drop that amount for one of the best-selling smartphones in the country. Just don’t hate us if this doesn’t happen, we warned you.”

     Despite this keep your eyes open for more developments in Apple’s attempts to enter the low budget consumer market.