Tasseology 031208

     The Turkish tradition of Tasseology is now available in app form on your iPhone or iPod touch. Tasseology is the art of reading tea or coffee leaves in accordance with your zodiac sign. The Tasseology app allows you to do just that, and gives a reading on three different areas of your life: Love, Work and Money.

     Once you have selected your Zodiac sign using the touch navigated dial, you can choose to read the remainders of a cup of tea or coffee. Once you have chosen, the three different readings on your life can be selected, and can either be displayed in text or a useful voice clip. The option of also having the results spoken or written in Turkish, from the country native to the tradition of tea leaf reading, is a bit of a gimmick but gives the application a slightly authentic feel. Whilst this app may not be for everyone considering the $3.99 price tag, those interested in the art of tea leaf reading or Zodiac horoscopes may want to consider making the purchase.