Gone are the days of the classic arcade puzzle, and along with it goes the ideal platform to host them. The iPhone attempts to revive this lack of thought provoking, yet simple range of puzzle games with the new game Fleck.

     Tagging onto the popular theme of an addictive puzzle game Fleck, by SurvivorSoft, puts you in control of a small elf coincidentally named Fleck. Your main objective for each level is to guide Fleck to the end of the puzzle, shown by castle gates. The main concept of the game is simple; you swipe your finger in the direction you wish Fleck to follow, and he moves to that single space. However there are several obstacles in your way such as acid raindrops and toadstools. The rules follow that for every move Fleck makes, each raindrop moves down a space and each toadstool moves to the left. This may sound simple, but in a combination of both vertical and horizontal moves, the game proves to be rather challenging at times.

Despite your epic quest that you must venture on alone, you are given particularly useful powerups along the way. These can be activated when landed on and include: fairy dust (which makes all objects around you disappear), a magic wand (dissolves the next object to land on you) and many more. These powerups make a lot of difference as the levels progress and the difficulty rises. Do not be fooled by this games’ cute graphics, child-based storyline or catchy music, as it is truly a fiendish piece of work. The game provides a challenge for gamers that doesn’t require an intensive learning curve. It’s simple to get into and I can guarantee hours of addictive gameplay for its discounted $2.99 retail price. The sharp, thought-provoking gameplay is enough to keep anyone coming back for more.