Not long ago making ringtones for use on the iPhone was a lengthy and tedious process, using programs such as Audacity to get the correct clip of audio, and then converting the audio to the correct format, transferring it to your iPhone, and hope it all worked. All of this could prove rather complicated, especially for the less computer-literate iPhone user. Fortunately, all this could be made easier thanks to an easy-to-use program called Audiko for both Mac and Windows, which allows you to select music files from your iTunes library or hard drive, and edit them for use on your mobile device.

      With a simple interface, Audiko displays the entire music file out on a timeline, letting you easy select a clip of up to 40 seconds to edit and then finalize for use on your iPhone. The simple layout is set on a waveform of the audio file you have selected, and also allows the user to choose and tweak a fade-in or fade-out effect if their mobile does not do so automatically.

     On top of saving the finished ringtone in an MP3 format for use with the majority of mobile devices, Audiko also gives you the option of saving your masterpiece in the .m4r format for use with the iPhone, something that only Mac programs such as GarageBand or iToner could do previously. As well as this, Audiko also can also give a URL that the file can be downloaded from via a WAP browser. On top of all this, there is also the opportunity to browse and download ringtones of the same artist that have been made by other Audiko users for personal use on your iPhone.