The abundant range of apps that the App Store supports is getting larger day by day, with Apple now hosting thousands of applications all for the benefit of iPhone and iPod Touch users. The only notable problem is the fact that we, the consumer, are being presented with this massive assortment of 3rd party apps with no reliable way to weed out the good from the bad. As some of you may have experienced, buying an unknown app is not straight forward. Although some paid apps offer the choice of a “lite” version in which you can assess the app before purchase, there are some that do not, meaning that you have to take the plunge and buy it without knowing what you are getting into. Although Apple offer their rating system where users can review apps, you only occasionally get more than 20-30 reviews which often aren’t clear, and out of the thousands of apps available Apple only offers a “top 50” of the best apps, which are often ones that have been sponsored.

     You may see no other way to judge applications other than to watch the occasional app review on YouTube or ones that are covered on our site. However has added a fresh alternative in which you can view a top 100 of both paid and free apps. You may ask why this website deserves particular attention, as most websites do this already, and that is becaus AppShopper’s list is updated daily and shows the positions of particular apps determined by how far up or down they have moved on the list. Along with that, there is also a 5-star rating system that is accompanied by app store information with update news and screenshots.

     This is definitely a website to check out if you are cautious on buying apps. The only problem I have currently with AppShopper is its lack of user input, but at the moment it is a growing website, and thankfully keeps you updated with its blog and “what’s new section”. If you’re a wary spender or even a tad impulsive, this is unquestionably a guide to your purchasing.