OpeniBoot Linux     DevTeam’s very own planetbeing announced yesterday that the Linux 2.6 kernel was successfully ported for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch platforms. Introducing, iPhone Linux!! It’s the beginning of a real alternative operating system. Currently, it’s only a first rough draft and there are many drivers missing. But it’s a start… They do not have wireless networking, touchscreen, sound, accelerometer, or baseband support YET. More is coming as they develop and stabilize it. In simple terms, it’s like Microsoft DOS. It only has a command line user interface with very few features.

     There is a demo video at the bottom for those who are skeptical. For those of you who are more advanced you can try it out yourself with the directions here and the necessary files here.


  •      Project lead: planetbeing
  •      Contributors: CPIPH, cmw, poorlad, ius, saurik


     Quote:“If you’re experienced with hacking/porting Linux and especially if you’re experienced with porting Android, I’d definitely like to hear from you. Come chill in the #iphonelinux channel on If you’re not experienced, and still want to help, you can digg/slashdot this posting to heaven so our little project gets more visibility. Thanks. :)”