In the hype of the Christmas spirit, companies everywhere are releasing new products, offers, catalogs and gift options. This year, even Apple has decided to jump on the bandwagon of providing consumers with an easy gift solution. The fruit of Apple’s tremendous labors boil down to their new product… a gift card.

     Yes it may sound ridiculous and some might also state the fact that Apple already offer gift cards on their website. However this is a gift card with a difference; this is the iPhone 3G Gift Card. The main idea behind this is to encourage more people to drop their clunky old cellphones and invest in a sleek new iPhone 3G. Basically, you go to an Apple Store, or on to the Apple website and select the card. You then decide how much money you would wish to add onto the card (this ranges from $25 to $2500). It then acts as a regular gift card in any Apple store or online with just a few hidden perks. If you have enough money on the card to purchase an iPhone 3G, you will then also be equipped with full technical support from the Apple store. In effect, you could simply go to the Apple Store with your card and they will help you set up your new iPhone 3G with full customization, such as email preferences, personalized ringtones and iPhone applications that would suit you.

     To some people this would seem like a ridiculous premise, but to those less “technologically savvy” this could be the solution. Apple has a large gap in the market, despite their success, of people who are discouraged by Apple’s leaps in technology. This Christmas this could be Apple’s big hit with high rolling consumers out to satisfy their impulses.