With all the iPhone’s nifty, productive, and social applications, it was only a matter of time until gambling came into the mix. Gambling without the consequences of your actions. Live Poker, by Zynga, allows the user to play online poker with between 2-8 players worldwide via WiFi or 3G.

After a simple account registering process, you can pick up your daily 1000 free chips and begin playing straight away. With the ability to link your Live Poker account to your personal Facebook account, you can give yourself a custom avatar aswell as join tables your Facebook friends are currently playing on. Other little features such as the Drinks Bar and Chat Box give a wholesome and well thought out feel to the application.

Live Poker clearly surpasses Apple’s Texas Hold ‘Em application, which not only costs more, but also only allows the user to play against other iPhones connected to the same WiFi network with no worldwide play. There is the free Live Poker app, as well as Zynga offers a paid version of the application, Live Poker 40K, which allows the user to enter tournaments as well as increase their total chip count. Whilst this may appeal to hardcore poker fans, the added features of the paid version don’t seem worth the cost for the average user playing to kill any short bursts of boredom. A great game combined with ease of use and some well thought out social features make this a highly recommended download for anyone with some occasional time to spare.