Well it looks like Rip Dev has decided to steal BigBoss and Ipodtouchmaster’s idea and try to make it their own.  They have released a newer, uglier, not so smooth application that does much less than SBSettings ever started out doing.

The app is titled Hood, and is accessed by swiping your finger across the status bar and down pops a window that allows you to toggle Airport, Bluetooth, kill active application, and monitor memory usage in real time.  Now I do say that being able to monitor the memory usage would be something I would like to see in SBSettings I can definitely do without knowing that I have an app that controls 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Edge, Brightness, SSH, set your own toggles, has its own themes, controls dock apps, hides icons, numeric battery, fixes user dir permissions, and disables app killswitch.  Not only that the icons used for the Hood look hideously superimposed.

In true Rip Dev fashion they flaunt that this app was coded entirely in only 8 hrs and only available through Installer.  They think that is a good thing?  Last release of Installer crashed more phones than it helped.  Hence the reason I am posting their screenshot because I am scared to put any of their software on my device. Seriously Rip Dev please get out of the business while you still have a little dignity left.