Wow..Just..WOW!….It appears Apple is taking cues from MS. Looks like the new iPhone OS 2.2 is laced with some serious problems. Bugs users apparently face are so significant that the list reads like a Rap-Sheet for a Con, which doesn’t seem far from the truth with this long list of complaints. This is just criminal! The problems involve not only third party apps, but standard iPhone functions as well straight from Apple! Some of which are internet connectivity issues, difficulty deleting emails, and more. Here’s a more detailed run-down:

     3rd Party Apps: Some apps are now just broken. Kaput. SNAFU’d. FUBAR’d. They just do not work properly anymore since good ol’ 2.2. This is due to API changes and other “brilliant” mods. Many of these include apps that use the CoreAudio. So now the developers of these apps must update and reconfigure them to work. In some cases an uninstall/reinstall will fix the issue but honestly? Who wants that headache?

     Connecting to the Web: Connection to the web is apparently stymied over cellular networks after 2.2. This can possibly be resolved by switching from 3G to Edge (Or to appropriate GPRS network carriers outside AT&T). So looks like slightly slower DL times over 3G, is now *poof*. Way to go Apple, great way to crush one of your own main selling points.

     SIM Card Non-Detection or PIN Lock: Could you imagine this? Some users after “upgrading” are getting error messages stating that the SIM Card is not inserted. Pretty cool considering most iPhone users don’t even know how to access the SIM Card at all. (For those of you who don’t know while reading this here’s a hint: Paperclip) Or that a PIN lock is in place when none exists.

     One work-around solution for the SIM issue is to REMOVE the SIM Card then connect the iPhone to ones system and then restore it. iTunes than MAY successfully restore the software successfully, to then which, you can reinstall the SIM and attempt a sync. Oi Vey!

     If you get a PIN message? Try this here. Apple Support. And good luck!

     Kilometers in Google Maps, no Miles: Now if you’re a European reader, this means nothing to you. But us Americans? We just don’t do the Metric system unless it is for measuring illegal substances. This problem can be over come by going into settings and choosing “USA”. But then this leaves new issues for people outside the US.

     Problems with Deleting Emails: Some users have reported an inability to delete emails out of certain accounts after upgrading. Some have reported being able to fix this by messing with the settings in how the iPhone handles IMAP and POP trash.

     App Store Lagged: To end this lovely list of horrible “improvements”, the App Store is now bogged down to a crawl. Now this may be a server side issue that Apple will obviously have to correct but really…Man ALIVE!

     To sum things up here, 2.2 is not on my wish list and I do not see me doing a jailbreak anytime soon nor an upgrade to 2.2. I buy products to make me happy and ease my daily life. Not create more problems. I am needless to say disappointed in Apple for releasing such shoddy work, considering the amount of time they spent this time around developing this release. I recently wrote an article questioning Apples state of mind in rejecting updates of apps which not only exist in similar form from other companies, but also in an earlier version from the same developer. Now that question has gone from a jibe to a certainty in my mind. Apple does not need Thorazine..A Frontal Lobotomy will fix them right up..