Recently, SnapTell Inc, released an iPhone app that allows you to look up an item just by taking a picture of it. SnapTell, itself, is a sophisticated reader that scans any given picture of a product and finds a match in its online database. It then adds this item to your “library” and gives you options to research it via Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, etc. This bears striking resemblance to the PocketPedia application that was developed by the same people who introduced us to the barcode application for Macs. The application runs nicely and picks up various different types of games, CD’s, etc., including new releases. Despite the concern of the 2 mega-pixel camera’s responsiveness to this detail-demanding app, SnapTell pulls it off quite well and can be a very useful addition to your library of applications.

Overall, I would say that this app is one to keep. One major gripe would have to be that the item you are photographing has to stay very still for it to work, but I’m sure the iPhone internal camera can vouch for that flaw. Despite this, I think that SnapTell Inc. has definitely taken a shot at producing something fresh and innovative for the consumer market, and I look forward to seeing them provide further updates to this application such as “lending libraries”, location tools, and a few slight bug fixes with detection. Apart from that, this is a solid and free app, which is undeniably worth a try.