AdMob, a network set up primarily for advertising on mobile phones, has released October’s figures, listing the iPhone as the number one most popular handset around the world. Although AdMob does not collect data directly through sales figures, it rounds up data from over 6,000 mobile applications and websites to give a fairly respectable representation of the usage trends of mobile phones, whilst not necessarily proving one phone has more profitable sales figures than another.

     After spending September at number 4 on the rankings, the iPhone skyrocketed its way to number 1 in a matter of weeks surpassing the Motorola Krzr K1c, Nokia N70 and the Motorola RAZR V3 in popularity in the run up to the holiday season.

     One thing to bear in mind is the way in which AdMob collects it’s information. Whilst collecting information through website advertisements, AdMob also counts advertisements placed within iPhone applications alongside. This gives the iPhone a far greater advantage in terms of traffic counted, and one can’t help but wonder what the statistics would show if other handsets such as the RAZR V3 or Nokia N70 had applications that featured advertisements taken into account by AdMob.

     All things considered, the iPhone is definitely showing a massive improvement in popularity around the world. The rise in users shows no signs of decreasing in the coming months, although with the holiday season looming, only time can tell.

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