Scratch-It, from Chugaroo Entertainment Inc., is the newest addition to the App Store that allows you to scratch your iPhone to slowly uncover a hidden image until you are brave enough to guess what it is!

This app’s characteristics definitely fill a nitch all its own. In Scratch-It you are given 1 of 130 available images that you have to uncover and solve to move onto the next level. However there is a catch, the more of the hiding surface you scratch away then the less points you receive for that image. The graphics in this game are very entertaining and nicely capture sides of an object that don’t come to mind right away so it constantly keeps you guessing.

Overall the game is very interesting and definitely worth taking a look at. The only thing that drives me away is the price tag, at $.99 it isn’t much but I can’t see myself spending a lot of time playing this game. However if there was a way that I could add my own levels with custom images, points, and names then it would be a totally different ball game and it would justify the price. As it stands now with only 130 images, and the developer states more images are coming, I can’t see it being long before you start cycling the same images.