Google has been pushing the envelope and creating new ideas and ways to push already existing ideas for years and right now is no different. Google has created an app for the iPhone that will allow you to search without even touching the keyboard.

The free application, which is scheduled to release today via the App Store, will allow users to ask very simple questions and get a more than satisfactory answer. You can ask things like “where is the closest McDonald’s”, or “what is the square root of 1,000” and the app will upload the recorded speech to Google servers and retrieve an answer for you. These search results can be retrieved in a matter of seconds on a WiFi network and often times will utilize the Locate Me feature of the iPhone to better tailor your results.

This is not the first voice recognizing item that Google has created, in fact back in March they released Goog-411 which was a free directory information service. You simply dial 1-800-Goog-411 and can get free directory listings instead of paying the $.75-$1.50 that some phone services charge for the same type of listing. This app puts the same service at easier reach by making it more localized and directly on your iPhone without you having to dial a number.

According to Google developers the software is not perfect due to the vast number of dialects and speech patterns, but they can try to get it as close to human performance as possible. Google declined to comment on the accuracy percentage but states it is accurate enough for people to use on an everyday basis if they don’t want to type information on their keyboard.