iPhone Greater Than PSP and DS Lite

The Apple iPhone has already taken over the cell phone industry and is quickly becoming the most popular hand held gaming device due to a couple of factors.

The main reason the iPhone is so popular is its amazing ability to be a very universal device. This device can not only make calls but send texts and emails, take pictures, play games, play movies, upload content off site, be a portable hard drive, and much more. So when you buy this amazing piece of electronics you aren’t getting just a phone, laptop, camera, or gaming system you are getting all of those things in one package. The iPhone is also the cheapest and easiest way for developers and users to benefit from the developer’s work (Apple only profits 30% of application price). They don’t have to waste time or spend millions on shipping & distribution like current consoles do.

Game publishers are saying the iPhone is a definite competitor to the PSP and DS Lite. Neil Young, a longtime executive at games publisher Electronic Arts Inc. said, “It feels to me like there’s a real threat to their [Sony’s and Nintendo’s] business from the iPhone.” The iPhone is truly a revolutionary device. The battle is on between Apple v.s Sony & Nintendo… Who will win?